Liquid Facelift

Human face is made up of complex mixture of tissues arranged in layers forming prominences and grooves. The ageing process is an inevitable phenomenon that has a significant impact on the facial aesthetics. It is a complex process occurring in a three dimensional manner affecting all the tissues of the face. The interaction between many factors such as genetic, environmental and personal habits contribute to the process.

The ageing process has a significant impact on the skin, affecting the dermis/epidermis interface, collagen and elastin fibers and blood vessels. The changes in the skin leads to loss of elasticity leading to formation of wrinkles and folds. There is reduction of bone mass, sagging of tissues and loss of fat. As a result, the usual contour and shape of the face is altered leading loss of harmony between the aesthetic units.

The effect of the ageing process is especially noticeable on the mid face region. The naso-labial area between the cheeks and nose become deeper. There is loss of prominence of the cheekbone and tear trough forms below the lower eyelids. The downward movement of the fat from the cheeks causes jowl formation. Simultaneously there is sagging of the corners of the mouth and development of marionette lines on either side of the mouth.  In addition prolonged exposure to UV light may lead to pigmentation, dark spots and blood spots formation and alteration of the texture of the skin.

Injectable fillers play an important role in facial rejuvenation and are recognized as the cornerstone for non surgical facial volumization procedures. Liquid face-lift is a specialized treatment to restore the lost volume and correct the wrinkles of the aging face.  The procedure involves the use of dermal fillers to contour the entire face. The aim of the treatment is to restore the three dimensional volume and contours of the face and regain the youth and harmony of the facial features. . The dermal fillers replace the lost volume over the years and help to lift the tissues to the original position. Often the liquid facelift is combined with botulinum toxins to address the wrinkles and specialized skin treatments to achieve a complete effect.

During the initial assessment, each aesthetic units of the face is analyzed separately in detail. The extent of volume loss and wrinkle formation is evaluated and treatment is planned accordingly. The liquid facelift can be used to treat the entire face or to address a specific area such as around the eyes, mouth or cheeks. The commonest areas that can be are treated are lifting of the corners of the month, correction of jowls and contouring of the cheeks and temples. Minor asymmetry of the face such as birth defects or traumatic injuries can also be corrected to a certain extend by the liquid face contouring.

The procedure can be carried out without any anesthetics, as many of the fillers are pre mixed with local anesthetic solutions. Use of blunt cannulas may reduce the discomfort and minimize the bruising and bleeding in the treated areas.  The procedure is comparable to surgical facelift in some situations. The important side effects of the surgical procedures such as bleeding, infection, and prolonged recovery time are minimized in liquid facelift treatment. Most importantly there is no scarring or the need for the general anesthesia associated with the treatment. It is an office procedure with minimal down time within an affordable prices. The effect of the liquid facelift will last from 12-18 months.