Hair treatment for
men & Women


Hair loss can cause significant psychological distress and may lead to low self – esteem. It has become a concern not only for men but also many women. The male pattern hair loss is mostly associated with genetic and hormones, but many other factors such as stress can have an impact on the hair loss.

There are many hair treatment modalities available to treat the hair loss.

Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) has become popularized in the recent past due the impressive results in reversing the hair loss. PRP treatment involves drawing blood out one’s own blood and centrifuge to collect the platelet rich plasma. This plasma is enriched with growth factors that can stimulate tissue regeneration. The PRP solution is injected into the scalp to achieve this effect.


  • New hair growth
  • Slow down excessive shedding of the hair
  • Thicken the thinned out hair follicles
  • Hydrate the scalp
  • May reduce dandruff
  • Natural and no side effects

What is PRP good for?

The treatment is suitable for men and women with thinning of hair, excess hair loss, receding hairline and male pattern boldness. The treatment is not suitable for people who have lost all hair, as it does not help to grow new hair on a bald patch. It can only make the existing thinning hair thicker by strengthening the hair follicles. The PRP treatment can be combined with other non-surgical menthols of hair restoration such as treatment with minoxidil. 

What to expect when you come for your first appointment:

Three to four treatment sessions are recommended, each two weeks apart.  Hair growth stimulating supplements are recommended during this period to enhance the therapy.  Dermaroller treatment and hair health supplements are recommended during the treatment period.